Apartments & Prices

# Room(s) Price, EUR Area m² Terrace m² Floor View Property
1 3 148,295 42.37 5+ 1 View Property
2 3 148,295 42.37 5+ 1 View Property
3 1 65,720 16.43 5+ 1 View Property
3A 1 65,720 16.43 5+ 1 View Property
4 3 82.45 1 Sold
5 3 148,295 42.37 5+ 1 View Property
6 3 148,295 42.37 5+ 1 View Property
7 1 12.32 2.5 2 Reserved
8 1 12.32 2.5 2 Reserved
9 2 34.7 4.5 2 Reserved
10 2 34.7 4.5 2 Reserved

Points of interest

Sun apartments details

Professional Maintenance

Sun Apartments are managed by dedicated administrator, who takes care of everything, so that you can enjoy your holiday time to the fullest.

Peace of mind – delegate everything to the professional maintenance and just enjoy.

Rental Service

Sun Apartments are sought-after place for vacation rentals. When you are not in your apartment we can take care of finding tenants, welcoming them, administering the whole process and cleaning afterwards, all for a low fee. Everything is taken care of by the dedicated administrator. Two bedroom apartment off season costs 60-90€, summer season 130-140€ per day. Studios cost 40-60€ off season and 75-80€ during summer season. During summer season the apartments are usually fully booked while in off season the apartments are frequently visited during weekends.

Earn extra income when you are not using your apartments.


High quality wooden windows.

Heating and Cooling

Geothermal, ultra efficient heating and cooling. Very low heating and cooling bills.

Interior Design

Modern interior of all apartments was created by professional designer. Stylish furniture, lighting fixtures and interior details will ensure the highest level of enjoyment in Sun Apartments.


All apartments are fully furnished with modern beautiful furniture. The project was completed in the end of 2017, so the furniture is almost new.


Each apartment gets a free parking place in private parking lot in front of the building.


All apartments have terraces.


Breathtaking views of the curonian split and the curonian lagoon.


Reach the Baltic Sea in 15-20 minutes on foot or 5 minutes by car.

Purchase Options

There is a possibility to buy the property in 12 months by paying equal amount every month without extra cost. There is an additional possibility to purchase in 24 months. In this case, first 12 months are without interest, the next 12 months with 3% yearly interest.